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TOPIC: Chelsea

Chelsea 2 years 11 months ago #233

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Feel really bad for Chelsea fans and players. Unnecessarily being picked on by the FA.

It hurts to see that.

I mean, the rest of the teams including Burnley knew way back in Aug of the fixture list of the entire campaign. Chelsea only found out on the morning of their match and had less than 48 hours to prepare their multi-million pound players.

As an OLSC it is our duty to point out such inconsistencies...

I mean: how can you give Chelsea's law-abiding players so many yellow cards for simulation? They've earned 5 so far! Incredible. You'd never see Moaninho condone such acts of cheating.

They never cheat; never time waste; never surround the ref at contentious decisions! Why them? For God's sake...


Their players are the model of modern society. John Terry, the pinnacle of what all good should be! He's never laid eyes on the opposite sex, let alone shag his team mates' girlfriend...

Ashley Cole has been another superb example of teenage role models when at that club. He didn't shoot his team mates at training that time - it was a fabricated story...


Selling Sturridge for £12m and buying Demba Ba for £7m was a master stroke. Don't be fooled otherwise! So what if Ba left a year later and Sturridge formed the most feared strike force partnership in the PL?

As for the Torres purchase? Russian Roubles at their finest hour! £50m on a player who scored less than 20 goals in the PL in his time there. Absolutely brilliant - you cannot get a better bargain!

So what that even AC Milan to whom he was loaned out to for 2 years has now loaned him back to his old club for being absolute shite...that's bad man-management on their part...what an asset! Liverpool were daft in letting him go.

And to come to the bastion of invincibility, the man himself, the Special (Needs) One: Jose Moaninho. What can I say about a human being we all aspire to be? Every club he's been to, he wins titles! So what if he is given millions of £s to do so and wrecks the club to the core within 3 years before leaving?

He's a winner!


I especially loved how he gouged Tito's eyes while he (Needy) was managing Real and Tito was the no. 2 at Barcelona.

I'm getting onto Twitter to write to John W. Henry. We're missing a trick here. Fuck building from the core. Fuck the academy. Buy up and coming promising players, and loan out all 69 of them as Chelsea has done this year.

Best way around FFP. And fuck building long-term: bully the opposition, scare the shit out of your players, and get medals.


THAT's what the game is about, folks. We should not ruin our beautiful game by insisting on the next Raheem Sterling coming through the ranks. Just go out and buy the next Sterling. Easier.


Jorge Mendes is the way forward - with his 3rd party ownership and fucking young players' parents up the arse. THAT is what we should build on...

Rant over...

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